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Your medical app for a better lifestyle

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Meet The Best Doctors

The program helps you choose the preferred doctor according to the specialty and provides doctors from all over the world in well-known hospitals with different specialties

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Safe Your Own Health

Sometimes, some people, especially patients, may find it difficult to distinguish between foods they are allowed to eat and foods they are prohibited from eating because of their negative effects on their health. Through this program we help overcome this problem.

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Our Massage

We hope to improve the health and medical system by employing modern technology to enrich medical content with reliable medical information and create a healthy, disease-free life.

Our Vision

To enhance the health care system on a global scale and provide maximum benefit to all parties; interested and beneficiaries. To constantly aspire to a healthier and disease-free life, stay up-to-date with modern medical science, and make full use of it for the benefit of all parties involved.

Who we are

Health e-Care is one of the best Arab medical applications for smartphones, offering a wide range of reliable medical instructions, advice, and information provided by a professional team of experienced competent physicians

How it work?

1, Register an account

Register your account with easy steps and complete your profile information

2. Book your consultation

You can book your medical consultation with the best doctors, whether online or in the doctors office

3. Buy your medicine

Through the pharmacy, you can buy the medicine according to the doctors prescription, and the medicine will be delivered to your door Also, you can set an alarm for the valleys to remind you of their dates

4. Check your food product

Through the application, you can scan the barcode of any food product to know if you are allowed to use this product according to your chronic disease or not, and suitable alternatives are suggested for this product

Application Features

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